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2023 Calendar February Printable BlueMake sure to keep an eye on the key dates in March. They include Good Samaritan’s Day (March 15), National Dentist’s Day (March 16) and International Women’s Day (March 17). It is also when daylight saving time starts. This means that you may need to alter your timetable.

Day of the Good Samaritan

Every year the 13th march on the 13th day of the year is designated “National Good Samaritan’s Day”. This day is a time to recognize the kindness of others, sacrifice, and the importance of helping others.

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The phrase “good Samaritan” refers to someone who goes beyond to help someone else. They might assist a stranger in desperate need of food, clothing or other assistance. A good Samaritan has the capacity to be a good neighbor and also has a heart that is pure gold.

The Bible includes The Good Samaritan’s Tale. In the Bible, there is a story about a good Samaritan helping a bandit-injured traveler.

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The Good Samaritan tale from the Gospel of Luke serves as an illustration of the benefits of doing good deeds. The story tells about the time robbers struck an Israeli tourist. A generous Samaritan offered to aid the man who was injured by providing medical treatment and the treatment of his wounds.

Valentine’s Day

The day is celebrated by those of Irish descent from the United States, Canada, as well as other nations. Numerous businesses will continue to operate as normal since it isn’t a government holiday. A lot of people participate in parades, wear green on the occasion, and sip Irish beer.

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Saint Patrick is a historical figure who was the first person to introduce Christianity into Ireland. He was born close to the end in the fourth century in Britain. Ireland was a predominantly pagan nation in the period. When he was a teenager, his parents abducted him, and brought him to Ireland. He was imprisoned for several decades until he was released and was converted to Islam.

He is regarded as the patron saints of Ireland and Nigeria and also as the martyr of engineers. The Holy Trinity is symbolized by the Shamrock.

The Day of the Dentist

The day of National Dentist’s Day, March 6is a day that is celebrated annually. Each year, a day of celebration is held to recognize dentists’ achievements.

Dental professionals can use this day to promote their expertise, give an opportunity to have a free screening and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth. It is essential to take care of your smile all year. By regularly cleaning and inspecting your smile, you can avoid unpleasant issues later on.

To show your appreciation to your dentist for their work, one of the best ways to honor National Dentist’s Day (and to make it memorable) is to write them a message or present.

Your dentist deserves to be praised. You can also brush your teeth twice per daily for two minutes each.

International Day of Women

On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, women are celebrated and encouraged to be aware of their rights. This also inspires women and inspires them to fight for equality. It’s observed on March 8th to celebrate the achievements of women.

American business and schools observe International Women’s Day. March also is National Women’s History Month.

Although discrimination against women has been a long-standing issue in many countries, the struggle for equality between genders is more recent. According to the World Economic Forum gender equality can be achieved by 2133. Women are more active in politics and business.

Discussions about gender equality and sexual harassment have sparked a national dialogue about women’s rights. This has led to women becoming more involved within in the United States of America and around the world. But, there are concerns regarding women’s rights in Russia.

EST (Early Set Off Time)

You should be aware that the time for daylight saving is different depending upon where you live. DST in the US starts on the 2nd Sunday of March. The normal time is restored the second Sunday in November.

47 states are covered by DST. The only exceptions are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are not affected. Additionally, three of Australia’s most populous regions aren’t part of the program.

A little more sunlight during the evening hours is thought to reduce traffic accidents. This also helps workers to become more active. These advantages are especially important in areas that are further from the equator.

It’s not a secret that Americans are adamant about the concept. Many think that farmers are the main supporters of this movement.

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