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February 2023 Calendar PrintableIt is important to keep in mind a few important dates during March. These include the Good Samaritan’s Day (March 15), National Dentist’s Day (March 16) and International Women’s Day (March 17). Also, March marks the beginning of daylight savings time. You might consider changing your schedule to reflect this fact.

Day of the Good Samaritan

Every year, on the 13th of March is “National Good Samaritan’s day”. It’s a day when we celebrate acts of generosity or sacrifice, and acknowledge the importance and importance of helping other people.

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One who does more than the minimum to help others is called”a “good Samaritan”. They may offer food, clothing, and other support for someone who is in need. A good Samaritan has a desire to give back and has a heart of gold.

The Bible includes the Good Samaritan’s Tale. The Bible describes a kind Samaritan who helped a tourist who was injured by bandits.

February 2023 Calendar Printable Printable Word Searches

The Good Samaritan tale from the Gospel of Luke serves as an illustration of the benefits of doing good actions. The story tells of a robber who attacked the body of a Jewish traveler. The good Samaritan helped the wounded man by paying for his medical expenses and also providing wound treatment.

Valentine’s Day

People of Irish heritage are celebrated during St. Patrick’s Day in the United States and Canada. It is not a holiday for the government, therefore most businesses will be open like normal on this day. Many people attend parades, dress in green for the feast and drink Irish beer.

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Saint Patrick is a historical figure who has introduced Christianity to Ireland. He was born near the end of the fourth century of Britain. Ireland was a primarily pagan state at the time. When he was an 18-year-old, he was taken hostage and taken to Ireland. He was held for several decades until he was released and converted to Islam.

He is also known as the patron saints Ireland and Nigeria. Shamrocks symbolize the Holy Trinity.

The Day of the Dentist

Each year, March 6 is National Dentist’s Day. An annual day is designated to honor dentists, and to recognize their achievements.

This is an excellent occasion for dentists to demonstrate their skills as well as offer a screening and encourage oral health. Take care of your teeth throughout the year. It is possible to prevent future discomfort by examining and cleaning your teeth.

You can show your appreciation through notes or even gifts to your dentist to mark National Dentist’s Day.

You should not only be grateful to your dentist, but you should also be sure to show your appreciation by keeping a your smile healthy by brushing your teeth at least twice per day for 2 minutes.

International Day of Women

International Women’s Day on March 8th is the day that women are encouraged to promote awareness and celebrate their rights. It also encourages women to voice their opinions in support equality. The day is celebrated every on March 8th, and is a celebration of the achievements of women.

American businesses and schools observe International Women’s Day. March is also National Women’s History Month.

Women have faced discrimination throughout the years in a variety of nations. However, equality between genders has a longer history. According to the World Economic Forum in 2133, gender equality could be the norm in all countries. Women are more active in politics and business.

The national debate on women’s rights has been sparked through discussions on gender discrimination and sexual harassment, women have been more involved both in the United States and abroad. However, Russia is not without its challenges.

EST (Early Set-Off Time)

Be aware that the time for daylight saving is different depending the location you reside in. For example, DST begins in the US on the second Sunday in March. Then, it is back to normal time on the first Sunday of November.

There are 47 states in the United States that observe DST. The only exceptions are Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are excluded. In addition, three of Australia’s biggest regions are not involved.

According to researchers according to academics, an additional hour of sunshine in the evenings helps reduce traffic accidents, and it also encourages fulltime workers to exercise. These advantages are especially valid in regions located away from the equator.

It’s evident that Americans do not agree with the idea. But, many people wrongly think that farmers are the movement’s main supporters.

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