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February Lunar CalendarThere are several important dates in March we need to remember. These are Good Samaritan’s Day, National Dentist’s Day and International Women’s Day. It is also the month when daylight saving starts. You can alter your schedule because of this.

Day of the Good Samaritan

Every year, the 13th of March is designated “National Good Samaritan’s day”. This is a day for compassion and sacrifice as well as to help other people.

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Someone who goes above the minimum amount to assist people in need is known as a “good Samaritan”. They can provide food, clothing, and other support for someone who is in need. A good Samaritan will possess an urge to help others and a heart filled with gold.

The Good Samaritan’s Tale is found in the Bible. In the Bible, there is an account of a good Samaritan helping a wounded traveler who was injured by a bandit.

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One example of good deeds can be found in the Good Samaritan story in the Gospel of Luke. The story describes how robbers assaulted and killed the body of a Jewish traveler. The good Samaritan came to the injured man’s aid by offering the money for his medical care and assisting in wound treatment.

Valentine’s Day

People of Irish heritage living in the United States, Canada, and other nations celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the day. The day is not considered an official holiday, therefore businesses can be open as usual. A lot of people take part in parades, and also enjoy Irish beers.

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Saint Patrick was a notable historical figure who brought Christianity to Ireland. Saint Patrick was born in Britain at the close of the 4th century. Ireland was a predominantly pagan country in the period. He was kidnapped when the age of 15 and then transported to Ireland. He was imprisoned for a long time before finally being released and changed to Islam.

He is revered for his status as the patron saint of Ireland, Nigeria and the customer martyr of engineers. Shamrocks represent the Holy Trinity.

The Day of the Dentist

The day of National Dentist’s Day, March 6, is observed annually. Every year, a day dedicated to celebrating dental professionals and their accomplishments is established.

Dental professionals should make the most of this opportunity to show their abilities, provide an opportunity to get a free dental exam, and raise awareness of the significance of oral health. You should take good dental care throughout the entire year. To prevent pain later on, it is crucial to wash and check your teeth.

An excellent way to celebrate National Dentist’s Day, is to express appreciation for your dentist.

You can show your appreciation to your dentist by flossing and cleaning every day for 2 minutes each time.

International Day of Women

International Women’s Day is March 8. Women celebrate and raise awareness of their rights. It also encourages women and inspires them to stand up for equality. The day is celebrated every March 8th and celebrates the contribution of women.

American companies and schools observe International Women’s Day. March is also National Women’s History Month.

Discrimination is a major issue in many countries for years, it is not new that women are the victims of discrimination. However, the fight to achieve gender equality dates a lot more. As per the World Economic Forum in 2133 it is possible that gender equality will be the norm in all countries. Women today are actively involved in business, politics, and continue to fight for equality in pay.

The national dialogue on women’s issues was sparked in part by discussions on sexual harassment and equal pay. Women are becoming more active at home and in other countries. There are issues regarding the rights of women in Russia.

EST (Early Set Off Time)

Be aware that daylight saving time varies based on where one lives. DST is an example. It starts in the US on the second Sunday of March. Normal time is reinstated on the first Sunday after November 2.

47 states are covered under DST. Only Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are exempt. Three of Australia’s most populous regions are not part of the program.

According to academics According to research, an hour of sunshine in the evenings reduces traffic accidents, and it also encourages fulltime employees to exercise. These benefits are especially relevant in remote areas far from where the Equator is.

A lot of Americans are opposed to the concept. This isn’t unexpected. But, many people wrongly think that farmers are the primary supporters.

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